Our recent acquisition of a Centroid A532-PB 5 Axis CNC Turn Key Porting and Block Combination System is the natural next step in our growth as a One Stop Engine Shop.  The CNC enables us to increase our productivity and facilitates a faster work flow.  By automating aspects of our production with the CNC, ARL Racing Engines can now produce even more superior engines with a new level of accuracy and consistency, providing perfection port to port.

As one of a few engine shops in North America with the CNC technology, ARL Racing Engines can continue to deliver high-end automotive products at an international level.

As well as head porting, the CNC includes a block machining system. With this tool we can do automated cylinder boring, surfacing, and other block related machining. Besides computer accuracy, completion times for these different functions now take one third of the time of a manual operation. With digitized programs that can be constantly up-dated with ever-changing technologies, ARL Racing ensures it remains up to speed in an ever changing market.

As a result, we are industry leaders with the latest version of Mastercam CAD/CAM software. In addition to creating and modifying ports and blocks, this 5-axis software helps us produce new and exciting parts we never thought possible!

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